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Friday, June 09, 2006

Pinoy Podcasts … tons of funs… to tune in

The world of Podcasts coming to pinoy audiances is growing. gruops like PCIJ have been putting out podcasts for a couple of years. The latest one is a farewell to summer from the summer capital.

[] … Farewell to summer: A special podcast from Baguio City

PCIJ Podcasts HIS past summer, many Filipinos flocked to Baguio City in the north to escape the sweltering heat of the lowlands. Although summer is gone, they remember Baguio with fondness. Baguio has a special place in the Filipino’s heart. It is the beloved summer capital, the alluring City of Pines, the place that holds many childhood memories….[] PCIJ.org

ABS-CBNNews.com has wealth of pod-able stuff on its website and as well on ABS-CBN Now its downloadble pod-able virtaul download areana which is a paid service.

Myself am still working my podcasts. I put up a podblog area for now- while work on my techie skills- but since my best medium has always been the visual. I really plan to have a video podcast soon… hopefully it will work to be a something that will free me from the world of news blues the industry I'm in is in.

Overseas in Hong Kong for example - a recent podcast I heard was on maids plights on the site of the Suoth China Morning post.


But there is little yet in the way of freelance pod networks for freelance podders - most content is porduced in house. SO podding for pera- is still far off- not only here but abroad as well.

One way to raise hits on podcasts though is to link up your pod with broadcasters. www.mabuhayradio.net is home to Dean Bernardo and my little dabble in news and info overseas.

rchive Shows:

SUN - Lab Songs Lang
MON - Mabuhay Music Hour
TUES - Mabuhay Music Hour
WED - Mabuhay Music Hour
THUR - Magandang Gabi Po
FRI - Kommunity Korner
SAT - Perlas ng Silanganan

We do a portion of a show a newscast called - pilipinas direct is the name of the daily ten minute news pod we do. check it outsome time. Its more of a free to air and free to pod newscast. hopefully its something that will grow.

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Sunday, June 04, 2006

UN scandal: UN orders staff not to cooperate with Dili massacre investigation

A Filipino police officer who is still in critical condition in a hospital and along with twenty others injured cannot count on the UN for assistance in the investigation trying to catch the murderers who massacred Police officers in Dili.

Even to though the Massacare is the key element that is believed to have led to riots and anarchy in Dil; a massive cover up is underway with memrandum issued to UN staff who witnessed and saw and even in some cases took pictures of the six men who in cold blood killed a half dozen. Reports from both East Timor and Australia have revealed.

[] … "A letter from the UN's deputy representative in Timor, Pakistani General Anis Bajwa, had been circulated to all staff, including employees evacuated to Australia, directing them not to assist AFP detectives investigating the worst atrocity since the violence of 1999". …[] The Age reports
Based on the reports a Pakistani UN Police commander actions led the injuries and put his men in the line of fire - and right into the murderous bands hands.

The sudden order to all UN staff in east timor has raised the spectare that the Pakistanti Police chief actions and failure to comprehend what the armed bands would do even if he was warned led the deahs of those unarmed police.

[]… "He was told by all his advisers not to take them out there, but he would not listen," sources close to the investigation said. "He kept insisting the presence of the UN could protect them." …[] The Age

Witness reports say he even ordered the Pinoy peacekeepers to be 'disarmed' - something reportedly they refussed to do - perhaps the only reason they got out alive. and managed to get the injured out. Noiw come the deputy cheif of Pakaistani orgin and also a military man ordering staff not cooperate with the investigation being conducted by Australian Federal Police in the area at East Timors request to do an impartial investigation.
[]… UN order fuels cover-up claim
NEWS.com.au, Australia -
100m from their headquarters when two soldiers opened fire, killing 12 officers and wounding at least 20, including UN police protectors from the Philippines. …[]

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